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Municipality appointment corruption: ED will match biometrics of municipality employees

  • Central Investigation Agency expands probe into government recruitment scam, examining attendance records and biometric data
  • According to ED sources, not only was there exchange of money for jobs, but the performance of duties was also irregular
  • CBI focuses on PUR recruitment corruption, with connections emerging in 10 municipalities; biometric records under scrutiny

18 Nov 2023

In a significant development, the Central Investigation Agency has widened its probe into the government recruitment scam, now examining the attendance registers and biometric machines across all municipalities. The agency suspects that individuals who secured jobs through illicit means might have received salaries without fulfilling work duties or being physically present at their designated workplaces. Sources claim that investigators have talked to the Public Works and Urban Development Department in this regard.

According to ED sources, not only was there exchange of money for jobs, but the performance of duties was also irregular.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is actively looking into corruption related to the PUR recruitment, with emerging connections to 10 municipalities. Biometric records of attendance of employees have been sought in all these municipalities.

The ED, during its examination of the teacher recruitment corruption case, identified corruption in the recruitment processes of multiple state municipalities. Following the High Court's directives, central agencies are now delving into these allegations. Corruption has been unveiled in appointments across various municipalities, such as Kamarhati, Burdwan, New Barrackpur, Barrackpur, Panihati, Dumdum, South Dumdum, and Bidhannagar.

As the investigation progresses, the ED has revealed instances where individuals, despite receiving money for jobs, failed to regularly attend their offices. Some individuals reportedly drew salaries without actively working, ranging from a few weeks to several months. The ED is actively pursuing inquiries into these cases. 


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