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CBI raids across Bengal investigating into Rs 800 crore bank fraud case

  • CBI has commenced searches at multiple locations in the state, targeting the residences of state-owned bank employees
  • Raids have taken place in New Town, Salt Lake, and other city areas, including the home of Supriya Mallick in Duttabad
  • Investigations into the alleged theft of Rs 800 crore from government agencies have led the CBI to focus on bank employees

04 Dec 2023

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has initiated extensive searches at multiple locations across the state, causing unrest at the CGO Complex since Monday morning. The focus of the investigation is on the residences of state-owned bank employees, with searches conducted in New Town, Salt Lake, and various parts of the city. Notably, the house of Supriya Mallick, an employee of UCO Bank in Duttabad, has been raided by the CBI.

Sources close to the investigation reveal that significant developments have emerged during the probe into the theft of Rs 800 crore from various government agencies. The investigation indicates that the embezzled funds were routed to various accounts, leading to the identification of specific bank employees allegedly involved in the financial irregularities.


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