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'Don't weaponize national anthem': Calcutta HC warns WB govt on National Anthem case

  • Calcutta HC grants a stay until January 17 in the case against BJP MLAs accused of insulting the national anthem
  • The court warns the ruling government against using national anthem as a weapon 
  • The court further questions the practicality of singing national anthem amidst an ongoing political protest

07 Dec 2023

In a significant development, the Calcutta High Court has provided relief in the case against BJP MLAs accused of disrespecting the national anthem. Justice Jai Sengupta, on Thursday, issued a stay on the proceedings until January 17, cautioning the West Bengal government against utilizing the national anthem as a tool. The court emphasized the need to respect the anthem while underscoring that it should not be used as a weapon.

During the hearing, Justice Sengupta acknowledged the simultaneous incidents of BJP MLAs raising slogans and the ruling party holding a protest, both commencing around the same time. The judge questioned the practicality of playing the national anthem amidst ongoing protests, saying that the party was already protesting against corruption allegations. He questioned whether playing the anthem in such situations would effectively halt the ongoing protests.


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