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Section 144 imposed on Delhi-UP borders ahead of farmers protest

  • Delhi Police enforce section 144 of the CrPC at Uttar Pradesh borders ahead of farmers' protest on February 13
  • Prohibition on public gatherings at Delhi-Uttar Pradesh borders and adjacent areas within north-east district jurisdiction
  • Entry restrictions on vehicles carrying protestors from Uttar Pradesh into Delhi to maintain law and order

11 Feb 2024

In anticipation of a farmers' protest scheduled for February 13, the Delhi Police has enforced section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code at the Uttar Pradesh borders to prevent potential disturbances and uphold law and order.

The decision comes following alerts indicating that certain farmer organizations plan to mobilize supporters to converge at Delhi's borders, demanding legislation on Minimum Support Price (MSP) and other issues. The police order aims to preempt any untoward incidents and safeguard lives and property in the region.

Under the directive, public gatherings at all borders between Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, as well as nearby areas within the jurisdiction of the north-east district, will be prohibited. 

“Prohibit entering of Tractors, Trolleys, Buses, Trucks, commercial vehicles, personal vehicles, on horses etc, carrying protestors in Delhi from Uttar Pradesh. Order that the North East District Police shall make all efforts to prevent protestors from entering Delhi,” the order stated.

The North East District Police are tasked with ensuring the effective implementation of these measures to deter protestors from entering Delhi and potentially disrupting public order.


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