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Criminals open fire, injuring 3 including MLA leader in Siwan, Bihar

  • Gunfire erupts in Siwan, Bihar, injuring MLA leader Jai Shankar Pandit and two others
  • The incident stemmed from a dispute over straw storage, escalating into violence
  • MLA leader and victims rushed to Sadar Hospital for treatment, highlighting the pervasive lawlessness

11 Feb 2024

In Siwan, Bihar, chaos ensued as criminals unleashed gunfire, targeting MLA leader Jai Shankar Pandit and two others. The incident unfolded in Magadhi Tola of Pakwalia village, Darunda police station area, where a dispute over straw storage escalated into violence. The attackers, believed to be anti-social elements, fired around 10 rounds, leaving three individuals injured, including Jai Shankar Pandit, Monu Kumar, and Sita Devi.

Following a confrontation between opposing factions regarding straw storage, tensions escalated, culminating in the violent attack. MLA leader Jai Shankar Pandit, upon arriving to investigate reports of straw burning by village bullies, found himself under gunfire alongside Monu Kumar and Sita Devi. All three victims were swiftly rushed to Sadar Hospital for medical treatment, marking yet another episode of lawlessness in the region.


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