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Footballer dies after being hit by lightning during a match in Indonesia

  • A footballer in Indonesia tragically died after being struck by lightning during a match on Sunday
  • A viral video captured the moment when the player collapsed on the field, causing shock among other players
  • Despite immediate hospitalization, the footballer did not survive, leaving teammates and the football community in mourning

12 Feb 2024

In a tragic incident during a football match in Indonesia on Sunday, a footballer lost his life after being struck by lightning. The shocking incident unfolded as the player, captured in a viral video, was casually walking on the field, waiting for the ball, when suddenly, lightning struck him, causing him to collapse on the spot. The video circulating on social media portrays the sudden and unexpected nature of the event, leaving other players on the field in a state of shock.

Local media reports indicate that the player was swiftly taken to the hospital, but he did not survive and was pronounced dead upon arrival. The untimely demise of the footballer has left his teammates and the football community in mourning, emphasizing the unpredictable and devastating consequences of natural incidents during sporting events.


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