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Australia Captain Hugh Weibgen praises India's 'Class' after U19 World Cup Final

  • Australia's U19 cricket captain Hugh Weibgen praises India's "class" despite Australia's defeat in the Under-19 World Cup final
  • Weibgen commends India's dominant tournament performance and acknowledges their cricketing prowess
  • Australia's pacers and spinner contribute significantly to the team's victory, and Weibgen expresses pride in their disciplined performance

12 Feb 2024

Australia's U19 cricket team captain, Hugh Weibgen, acknowledged India's cricketing prowess and described them as a "class side" despite Australia ending up on the "wrong side" in the final of the Under-19 World Cup at Willowmoore Park. India displayed an unbeaten run in the tournament, clinching the title after defeating Australia, who also entered the final unbeaten.

Weibgen praised India for their dominant performance throughout the tournament and commended their class on the cricket field. Despite Australia's strong outing with both bat and ball, Weibgen acknowledged India's exceptional gameplay. Australia's Harjas Singh played a pivotal role with the bat, contributing 55 runs off 64 balls, while the pacers and spinner Raf MacMilllan showcased a disciplined bowling performance to secure a 79-run victory.

Weibgen expressed pride in his team's efforts, especially highlighting the performance of the pacers and their understanding of their roles. The Australian captain also predicted a bright future for the bowlers, expecting them to go a long way in their cricketing careers.


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