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Anand Mohan's son and Anant Singh's wife separated from RJD

  • Two RJD MLAs defect, causing turmoil in Bihar Assembly
  • Absence during Governor's address sparks allegations of conspiracy
  • RJD leader denounces defection as a political conspiracy, raising concerns for electoral politics

12 Feb 2024

The Bihar Assembly witnessed a surge of excitement as two RJD MLAs abruptly parted ways from their party, sparking controversy and intensifying political tensions. Amidst the majority test on Monday, while MLAs from various factions rallied together, the unexpected defection of these two members added fuel to discussions surrounding RJD's internal dissent.

The decision by Chetan Anand, son of MP Anand Mohan, and Neelam Devi, wife of Baahubali Anant Singh, to separate from their party has drawn allegations and suspicions from the RJD camp. Their absence during the Governor's address in the Central Hall further fueled speculations, leading RJD leaders to accuse the ruling party of conspiring against them. RJD leader Tariq Ansari denounced the defection Tariq Ansari said, “This is a conspiracy. “An attempt is being made to separate our MLAs from our camp by threatening them.” He has called it a political conspiracy.



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