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Elderly lady criticizes farmers for road blockages in Punjab amid Delhi police travel advisory

  • Delhi Police issue travel advisory ahead of farmers' march to Delhi border on February 13
  • Elderly lady in Punjab captured on video criticizing farmers for road blockages, accusing them of inconveniencing the public
  • Section 144 imposed across Delhi for 30 days, prohibiting all processions, demonstrations, and rallies

12 Feb 2024

Amid the Delhi Police issuing a travel advisory ahead of farmers' arrival at the Delhi border on February 13, tensions escalate as farmers from Punjab prepare to march, demanding legal status for Minimum Support Price (MSP) and government assurance for the purchase of all 22 crops under MSP. With heightened security measures and significant traffic restrictions between Delhi and Punjab, a video circulating on social media captures an elderly lady in Punjab expressing frustration and slamming the farmers for disrupting daily life.

In the video, she vocally chastises the protesters for their road blockages, accusing them of incessant demands and inconveniencing the public. She asserts, "Your demand never ends. You want everything for free. The Centre is giving you so much for free, yet you are harassing the public and blocking the roads."

As tensions simmer, the Delhi Police have imposed Section 144 across the entire city for the next 30 days, ahead of the 'Delhi Chalo' March on February 13, as confirmed by a senior police official. This order, issued by Delhi Police Commissioner Sanjay Arora, prohibits the organization, convening, or participation in any processions, demonstrations, rallies, or marches on foot within Delhi/New Delhi's geographical limits. Amidst the farmers' demands for MSP legal status and loan waivers, concerns over public safety and the potential for escalating tensions remain at the forefront.



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