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Fire engulfs under-construction building at Howrah

  • A fire broke out in an under-construction building in Ghusuri, Howrah
  • The fire was caused by wooden planks and bamboo lying in the building and possibly by welding work.
  • No injuries were reported, and the fire was eventually brought under control by the fire brigade and locals after two hours of effort

11 Mar 2023

Late last night, a sudden fire broke out in an under-construction building located in the Ghusuri area of the Howrah district, adjacent to the capital city of Kolkata. The flames quickly spread due to the presence of wooden planks and bamboo in the building.

The fire caused panic among the locals, who evacuated their homes as a precautionary measure. The fire department was notified and dispatched four fire engines to the scene, which arrived one by one.

In addition to the fire brigade, the locals also made efforts to put out the fire. After approximately two hours of continuous efforts, the fire was eventually brought under control. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

According to sources, the fire may have been caused by welding work being carried out in the under-construction building. The cause of the fire has not been officially confirmed by the fire officials, but an investigation is underway.


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