ED interrogated Santanu's close aide Akash, inquires about the property

  • ED has taken Akash alias Supratim Ghosh, a close aide of TMC leader Shantanu Banerjee, arrested in the state's famous teacher recruitment corruption case
  • Two ED officials went to Akash's house in the morning
  • It is revealed that by paper Akash is the owner of the resort but Santanu has put in the money to buy it

18 Mar 2023

Akash alias Supratim Ghosh, a close associate of Trinamool politician Santanu Banerjee, has been detained by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in connection with the famous teacher recruitment corruption case in the state.

Early in the morning, ED agents raided a resort in Balagarh, Hooghly. The resort is revealed to be owned by Akash on paper, but Santanu contributed the funds to purchase it. That is the reason Akash is being questioned while in police custody. It is being determined whose resort it actually is.

Since he was always by Santanu's side, Akash is very significant to him. The team of ED officials reportedly arrived at Akash's house, arrested him, and then transported him to the resort, according to sources in the central agency.

The resort is situated in the Chandra Battala area of ​​Balagarh. It is learned while interrogating Akash  that he was a temporary employee at Vijay Krishna College in Jirat.  In that college, he has been the former general secretary of the union. Shantanu has got him employed here. However, in the morning, when the ED officials were taking him away, seeing the media persons, he said that he have got the job on his own merit and no one has given it to him. He has accepted that Shantanu is special to him.

Locals have told that two ED officials went to Akash's house in the morning. They had asked his father about Akash's whereabouts. On this, his father told that currently he is not present in the house. Then the ED officials asked him to call Akash. As soon as he arrived on the bike, the ED team immediately reached the resort after taking him into custody and he is being interrogated.

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