Kareena Kapoor says she married Saif Ali Khan when no actress was getting married

  • Kareena Kapoor has said that it is now ‘suddenly cool’ to marry and continue work for actresses, but she got married when none of them was doing it

  • Kareena married Saif Ali Khan in October 2012

  • She continued to work nonstop after her marriage

24 Mar 2023

According to Kareena Kapoor, she chose to get married at a time when no other actresses were doing so to protect their careers. She continued by pointing out that while it is fashionable to get married and work today, it wasn't always the case.

Kareena married Saif Ali Khan in October 2012, over 12 years after she made her acting debut alongside Abhishek Bachchan in JP Dutta's Refugee in 2000. She continued to work nonstop after her marriage. She soon went back to work and filmed Fevicol Se, one of her most well-known songs, for Salman Khan's smash hit Dabangg 2. Since then, she has kept up her work in movies.

Asked whether box office results affect her anymore, Kareena revealed that the box office would always be important, but she is not competing with anyone. "Because I have always made the decision to do what I want to do, which is fortunate for me, I am in a happy place. When I wanted to get married, I did, and it was when no actress was getting married. Today, so many actresses are getting married! Being married and in a job is now in. It was earlier about not having kids. Then all of a sudden, it was like, 'Well, you can still work and have a child' I have always done things that I love and believe in."

She walked the runway while pregnant and filmed advertising after giving birth to their first child, Taimur, in 2016. She merely took two months' leave following Taimur's birth and returned to work immediately. Within a month of the birth of Jeh in February 2021, Kareena was back at work.

Kareena appeared in Laal Singh Chaddha, an Aamir Khan movie from the previous year. The movie was Advait Chauhan's official Hindi adaptation of the Forrest Gump movie. The movie was met with mixed reviews and prominently starred Mona Singh.

The Crew, The Buckingham Murders, and The Devotion of Suspect X are the three intriguing undertakings Kareena has planned for the near future.

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