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WB government sets up help desk at Kolkata airport for people returning from Manipur

  • Help desk and police assistance has been arranged by the West Bengal government at Kolkata airport for people returning from Manipur due to the worsening situation there

  • Passengers arriving from Manipur will be provided with airport shuttles and a car for assistance at the health desk

  • The move comes as many people in Manipur are reportedly returning to their home states in panic due to the current conditions, and multiple flights are scheduled to arrive in Kolkata from Manipur on Sunday

07 May 2023

Amidst the prevailing crisis in Manipur, people are returning to their home state in panic.

In an effort to assist these individuals, the West Bengal government has set up a help desk at the Kolkata airport for those arriving from Manipur. It is reported that many people live in Manipur and are currently returning to Kolkata due to the hot conditions in the state.

To cater to the needs of those returning to Kolkata, a help desk has been set up near Gate 3C of Kolkata airport arrivals. The help desk has policemen on duty from the NSCBI Airport Police Station to ensure safety and security. Furthermore, airport shuttles have been arranged for passengers arriving from Manipur. Those who require assistance at the help desk will also be provided with a car.

It is important to note that the total number of flights from Manipur to Kolkata is scheduled to arrive on Sunday, and the West Bengal government has made adequate arrangements to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals returning from Manipur. With the help desk in place, it is expected that the returning individuals will be able to navigate through the airport with ease and receive the necessary assistance to travel to their desired destinations in West Bengal.


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