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Mauritius President visits Belur Math and Dakshineswar temple; to be Honored at Kolkata Port Trust

  • Mauritius President Prithviraj Singh Rupan is on a private three-day visit to Kolkata with his wife.
  • During his visit, he will tour Belur Math and Dakshineswar Temple, significant Hindu pilgrimage sites
  • The Kolkata Port Trust will also honor him for his recognition of indentured laborers

15 May 2023

Prithviraj Singh Rupan, the seventh President of Mauritius, arrived in Kolkata on a three-day private visit with his wife.

The couple's first stop was at Belur Math in Howrah, where they were warmly welcomed by the monks. During their visit, they toured the monastery and the main temple in a battery-operated car.

The President's itinerary also includes a visit to the Dakshineswar temple, which is a significant Hindu pilgrimage site. It is expected that the President and his wife will be accompanied by local dignitaries during their visit to the temple.

In addition, the President will be honored at a memorial for indentured laborers at the Kolkata Port Trust. This is a significant recognition as it acknowledges the contributions of those who were brought to the region as laborers during colonial times.

President Rupan's visit to Kolkata is expected to strengthen the cultural ties between Mauritius and India. Mauritius has a significant population of Indian origin and shares a long history with India. The visit provides an opportunity for the President to further deepen the bilateral ties between the two nations.


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