Kolkata couple ties the knot in same-sex marriage despite legal ambiguity

  • Kolkata witnesses historic same-sex marriage as Moushumi and Moumita exchange vows at Bhootnath temple, defying societal norms and seeking recognition for their love
  • Moushumi and Moumita express their unwavering commitment, stating that even without legal recognition, their love will endure and they will remain together
  • Despite family opposition, the couple stands strong advocating for acceptance and equality for same-sex couples

24 May 2023

In a courageous act, Moushumi Dutta(25) and Moumita Majumdar (19), two young women from Kolkata, exchanged vows in a same-sex marriage ceremony.

Despite the ongoing debate in the country, they embraced their love and tied the knot at Bhootnath temple, disregarding societal judgment. The couple remains determined to support each other, even without legal recognition.

Their love story began a few months ago when Moushumi, a resident of Kolkata, connected with Moumita, who hails from Bagda, on Instagram. Gradually, their conversations evolved into a deep connection, leading them to engage in regular phone and Facebook conversations. One day, Moumita proposed the idea of marriage, emphasizing her unwavering love for Moushumi. Without hesitation, they decided to take this significant step together, prompting Moumita to travel to Kolkata for their wedding.

In an interview with the media, Moumita fearlessly stated that she did not concern herself with society's opinion. She simply followed her heart and expressed her love to Moushumi, leading to their decision to marry. She emphasized that discussions surrounding same-sex marriage should not deter them, and as long as their love remains strong, they will persist in their relationship.

Moushumi, who is divorced and has two children, expressed her perspective on their union, highlighting their commitment to love. She questioned why courts acknowledge live-in relationships but do not extend the same recognition to same-sex couples. Moushumi disclosed that she separated from her husband due to domestic abuse, and she now takes care of their children, who are growing up in her father's house.

Despite their brave step, the families of both Moushumi and Moumita have yet to accept their marriage. As a result, the couple currently resides in a rented flat in the Jorabagan locality of Yuvatiya. While facing familial disapproval, Moushumi and Moumita remain resolute in their commitment to each other and refuse to part ways.


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