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Renowned Poet Munawwar Rana admitted to ICU in critical condition at Apollo

  • Renowned poet Munawwar Rana admitted to ICU at Apollo Hospital in Lucknow in critical condition, placed on ventilator due to deteriorating health
  • Daughter Sumaiya Rana shared the news, stating her father had been unwell for the past few days, with complications in his gall bladder requiring surgery
  • Doctors closely monitoring Rana's condition, treating infection, and highlighting the next 72 hours as crucial for his recovery. Widespread support and prayers pouring in for the revered poet

25 May 2023
Renowned Poet Munawwar Rana admitted to ICU in critical condition at Apollo

In a distressing development, celebrated poet Munawwar Rana's health has deteriorated, leading to his immediate admission to Apollo Hospital in Lucknow for urgent treatment. Reports suggest that his condition remains critical, prompting doctors to shift him to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and place him on a ventilator.

Rana's deteriorating health had been a cause for concern over the past few days, as revealed by his daughter, Sumaiya Rana, in a late-night video release. Sumaiya shared that her father had been experiencing worsening health in recent days, which led to his hospitalization at Apollo Hospital.

Sumaiya Rana, also a Samajwadi Party leader, stated that her father had been experiencing abdominal pain during dialysis, prompting the doctors to admit him. A CT scan revealed a problem with his gallbladder, leading to surgical intervention. Following the procedure, Munawwar Rana was placed on a ventilator by the medical team.

Providing an update on her father's condition, Rana's daughter mentioned that he is currently under the close supervision of doctors, who are actively treating him. Efforts are being made to address any existing infection, with doctors expressing particular concern about the critical nature of the next 72 hours. Medical professionals remain vigilant, closely monitoring his progress in the hopes of his swift recovery.

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