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Suspect arrested with unaccounted gold jewelry, handed over to Kolkata customs

  • RPF's covert operation uncovers a substantial quantity of gold ornaments from a suspect at an old station premises
  • The seized gold jewelry weighs around 850 grams, with an estimated market value of 49 lakh 72 thousand 500 taka, along with 43 thousand rupees in cash
  • The suspect's inability to provide documentation and his suspicious behavior leads to his arrest and subsequent handover to Kolkata Customs officials for further investigation

25 May 2023
Suspect arrested with unaccounted gold jewelry, handed over to Kolkata customs

In a significant breakthrough, the Railway Protection Force (RPF) conducted a covert operation at an old premises of the station, acting on information received from secret sources.

The operation resulted in the discovery and recovery of a substantial quantity of gold ornaments from an individual. Reports indicate that the person in question hails from Motihari, Bihar, and was found to be in possession of the valuable items.

The RPF officials apprehended the individual after observing suspicious behavior and subsequently took him into custody for further questioning. Upon conducting a thorough search, a significant amount of gold jewelry weighing approximately 850 grams was discovered. The estimated market value of the seized gold ornaments is a staggering 49 lakh 72 thousand 500 taka. Additionally, a sum of 43 thousand rupees in cash was also found in the possession of the suspect.

The detained individual was unable to provide any documentation to substantiate the ownership or legal acquisition of such a large quantity of gold ornaments. According to his statement, he claimed to have purchased the jewelry from Sinthi More in Kolkata and was en route to Howrah station to catch a train to Bihar. However, his inability to produce any supporting documents raised suspicions regarding the authenticity of his claims.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the RPF promptly arrested the individual. Subsequently, the suspect was handed over to Kolkata Customs officials, who will be responsible for further investigations into the matter. 

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