Controversy surrounds 'The Diary of West Bengal' film trailer, legal notice issued by WB police

  • West Bengal Police issues legal notice to director of 'The Diary of West Bengal' film over alleged defamation
  • Film focuses on Rohingya Muslims from Bangladesh, sparks controversy and uproar
  • Filmmaker accuses West Bengal CM of using Rohingyas as vote bank, alleges atrocities against Hindu families. Film slated for August 2023 release

26 May 2023

In a recent development, the West Bengal Police has issued a legal notice to the director of the film 'The Diary of West Bengal' following an uproar sparked by the release of its trailer.

The police allege that the film has attempted to defame the state of West Bengal. The movie, produced by Jitendra Narayan Singh under the banner of Wasim Rizvi Films, is written and directed by Sanoj Mishra. Tapas Mukherjee and Achintya Bosh serve as co-producers. The film reportedly focuses on the fundamentalist organization Rohingya Muslims from Bangladesh.

The trailer of 'The Diary of West Bengal' was initially launched in Lucknow. During the trailer launch, filmmaker Jitendra alias Wasim Rizvi expressed concerns about the increasingly dangerous situation in West Bengal over the past few years. He claimed that a large number of Rohingya Muslims, associated with a radical organization from Bangladesh, were being settled in the state.

Jitendra Tyagi further accused West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee of using Rohingya Muslims as a vote bank. He alleged that their names were being included in Aadhaar cards and voter lists, leading to an increase in the Rohingya Muslim population in the border areas of Bengal adjacent to Bangladesh.

The filmmaker claimed that Rohingya Muslims were obtaining identification documents in Bengal and spreading across the country for a specific purpose. He also alleged that Hindu families in Bengal were being coerced to leave their homes, and the film aimed to shed light on the atrocities they faced. 'The Diary of West Bengal' is expected to release in August 2023.

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