Cow smuggling case: DRI report exposes Crores of Rupees sent to Dubai through Hawala

  • CBI uncovers money laundering and fake exports in cow smuggling case, involving Enamul Haque's nephews and Dubai-based companies
  • Clothing worth 23 crores fraudulently exported to Dubai in 36 days, with fake export documents and non-existent suppliers
  • ED alleges political backing for Enamul Haque's nephews, while TMC leader Anubrata Mandal and others remain in Tihar Jail for cow smuggling

26 May 2023

In a significant development, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has uncovered a sensational revelation in the cow smuggling case involving several leaders, including Enamul Haque, a notorious cow smuggler.

The investigation has exposed the creation of fake export documents to send crores of rupees to Dubai, resulting in money laundering and defrauding the central government.

According to the findings, between January and February 2017, clothing worth 23 crores was fraudulently exported to Dubai in just 36 days by JHM Exports, a women's clothing exporting company. The government provided an incentive allowance of 4 crore 90 lakh rupees for these supposed exports. However, investigations revealed that the listed suppliers were non-existent, and the trucks or trailers mentioned in the documents were not actually used for transportation.

Further scrutiny revealed that the two Dubai-based companies mentioned as exporters, namely 'Al Farsa' and 'Blue Ice Trading,' were found to be completely fictitious entities. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) stated that the money obtained from the fake exports was used for smuggling activities, including cow smuggling.

Additionally, Enamul Haque's nephews, Jahangir Alam, Humayun Kabir, and Mehdi Hasan, played a significant role in this fraudulent scheme, deceiving the government and embezzling funds. Mehdi Hasan, who was arrested by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) in 2020, absconded while on bail after returning approximately 5 crores of incentive allowance received from the government for exports.

The ED had issued a lookout notice against Mehdi Hasan and the three nephews of Enamul Haque, and they have since fled the country. The ED alleges that the JHM brothers had political backing from leaders of prominent parties.

Moreover, TMC leader Anubrata Mandal, his daughter Sukanya Mandal, and bodyguard Sehgal Hussain are currently held in Tihar Jail in connection with the cow smuggling case.

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