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Allegation of molestation and exploitation against professor of Visva Bharati University, FIR lodged

  • Vishwa Bharati University in West Bengal embroiled in controversy as a researcher accuses a professor of molestation and mental torture
  • The researcher claims the professor had been exploiting, harassing, and manipulating them for an extended period
  • After unsuccessful attempts to seek redress within the university, the researcher lodged a formal complaint with the police, shedding light on the alleged misconduct

02 Jun 2023

In a startling development, Vishwa Bharati University finds itself embroiled in controversy as a researcher has come forward with serious allegations against a professor.

The researcher accuses the professor of engaging in molestation, mental torture, and exploitation over a prolonged period.

According to sources, the incidents of mistreatment were not recent but had been ongoing, causing the researcher immense distress. Fear of losing respect and facing consequences had initially prevented them from speaking out. However, as the exploitation and torture reportedly reached unbearable levels, the researcher broke their silence.

Previous attempts to seek redress within the university proved futile, prompting the researcher to approach the local police. Last Wednesday, they filed a written complaint at the Santiniketan police station, outlining the allegations against the accused professor.

The researcher's account reveals that they were enrolled in Vinay Bhavan, an affiliated research institute of Vishwa Bharati University, back in 2015. The accused professor was assigned as their female guide. Allegedly, the professor made unwanted advances, exerted pressure, and subjected the researcher to late-night harassing phone calls and video chats, often under the influence of alcohol.

Furthermore, the complainant claims that the professor relentlessly pressured them against marrying someone else, even resorting to following them in public places. The situation took a sinister turn when the professor allegedly attempted to rape the researcher, despite their impending marriage to another person.

Upon reporting the incident to the university authorities in early 2022, the researcher alleges that the professor's harassment and mistreatment escalated. The accused became uncooperative with the ongoing investigation and resorted to physical and mental torture.

An internal committee was formed by the Visva Bharati administration to probe the allegations. However, despite the researcher's multiple appearances and the submission of statements and evidence, no progress has been made in over a year. Frustrated by the lack of action, the researcher made the decision to file a formal complaint with the police.


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