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45 Bags of Human Remains Unearthed in Search for Missing Call Center Workers in Mexico

  • Mexican authorities discovered 45 bags of human remains in a ravine in Guadalajara during a search for eight missing call center workers
  • The recovered remains belonged to both men and women and were found at the bottom of a 40-meter ravine in Zapopan
  • The identities and exact number of victims are yet to be determined, while the families of the missing individuals have criticized the administration for portraying them as criminals

02 Jun 2023

At least 45 bags of human remains have been found by Mexican authorities in a ravine in the western city of Guadalajara during a search for eight young call center workers who went missing last week in May, AFP reported.

"Forty-five bags of human remains, belonging to both men and women, were excavated," reads the statement of the public prosecutor's office.

The terrifying recovery of human body parts occurred during a search operation at the bottom of a 40-meter ravine in the village of Zapopan for two women and six men in their 30s who went missing around May 20.

Although the missing people reports were filed separately on different dates, investigators determined they all worked at the same call center.

Forensic experts have not yet determined the number of victims or their identities. A call center located near the gorge was found to be doing illegal activities.

According to local media reports, authorities found marijuana and a cleaning cloth with blood stains, as well as documents indicating some commercial activity.

Meanwhile, the families of the missing have accused the administration of portraying the victims as criminals.


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