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Closed door saves lives: Uncle and nephew from West Bengal survive Odisha train crash

  • West Bengal residents Prashant Mandal and Krishna Pada Mandal miraculously survive Odisha train crash
  • Closed compartment door saves their lives as the Coromandel Express derails
  • The Odisha government so far puts the death toll at 288 and 803+ people injured

03 Jun 2023

Prashant Mandal and his nephew Krishna Pada Mandal, hailing from Canning, West Bengal, have emerged as fortunate survivors of a catastrophic train accident.

They were aboard the Coromandel Express, traveling from Shalimar in Howrah to Chennai, when the train derailed in the Baleshwar district of Odisha. Despite the terrifying ordeal, both individuals have safely returned home, recounting the harrowing scenes they witnessed.

Prashant Mandal vividly recalls the moments leading up to the derailment. As the train reached Baleshwar station, some passengers disembarked, while others purchased refreshments. Shortly after departure, with several people standing near the doors, a rush of hot air prompted them to close the door. Within minutes, chaos ensued as the train violently derailed and overturned. The closed compartment door played a crucial role in their survival, as they clung to it during the horrifying incident.

Prashant mentions that their bogie alone accommodated more than a hundred passengers. Tragically, a woman seated nearby suffered a fatal blow to her head, causing blood to flow. A child was struck in the neck by a piece of iron, resulting in another heartbreaking loss of life. Within moments, the lively atmosphere transformed into a scene of unimaginable horror, with individuals who had been laughing, playing, and talking now lying lifeless.

Krishna Pada, a young individual who was accompanying his uncle to Odisha for work, describes their desperate escape from the wreckage. Outside the train compartment, they encountered a pile of lifeless bodies. Some individuals were trapped inside, while others endured excruciating pain with limbs pinned or crushed. The sight was more terrifying than anything they had ever witnessed, surpassing even the most chilling scenes from horror films.


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