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RRR 2: Ram Charan and Jr NTR gear up for an African adventure, SS Rajamouli's father begins script work!

  • RRR, the 2022 Indian cinema hit, is rumored to have a potential sequel set in Africa, as hinted by writer Vijayendra Prasad, the father of director SS Rajamouli
  • Prasad shared the idea of a sequel with Rajamouli after the film's release, and the director liked it, asking him to develop a full screenplay
  • Rajamouli is currently focused on his upcoming film with Mahesh Babu but expressed interest in a sequel to "RRR" and would consider it after completing his current project

27 Jul 2023

RRR has become one of the biggest global hits in the history of Indian cinema in 2022 and after a spectacular round of promotions during the Oscar season earlier this year, there has been much talk of a sequel. While filmmaker SS Rajamouli has not confirmed a sequel, writer Vijayendra Prasad has hinted that a sequel featuring the two protagonists may be set in Africa.

In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Prasad, the father of director RRR, was asked if there would be a sequel to the film, to which he said yes and no, as he shared the idea of ​​a sequel with his son after the film's release in 2022, where the story continues in Africa. 

He went on to say that the director liked the idea and asked him to develop it into a full screenplay. However, the writer noted that Rajamouli is currently concentrating on his upcoming film with Mahesh Babu and will only think about his next project after completing this one.

Knowing his son's attitude, he would ignore the idea of ​​a sequel until the film with Mahesh is completed. He then asked if he liked the script if both heroes liked the story, and if they had time. Earlier, Vijayendra had told Maha News that the sequel of RRR could be directed by a Hollywood star.

Rajamouli discussed a sequel to RRR at a screening in Chicago in November and said he would "absolutely love" to do so. He stated that he can't give many specifics about it, but his father, who has scripted all his films, including RRR, can.

Rajamouli is currently wrapping up his next project starring Mahesh Babu.


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