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Bareilly police on high alert as Kanwar Yatra and Muharram coincide

  • Bareilly police in Uttar Pradesh are on high alert following disturbances during the Kanwar Yatra in the Jogi Navada area
  • Cases were filed against former Samajwadi Party councilor Usman, his son, a cleric, and 150 others, as well as 250 people from the other side
  • With Sawan's fourth week coinciding with Muharram, the district remains on high alert, and strict security measures, including the use of drone cameras and CCTV, have been put in place

28 Jul 2023

After several disturbances during the Kanwar Yatra, the Bareilly police in Uttar Pradesh are on high alert. This comes after the commotion in Jogi Navada area during the Kanwar yatra.

There were complaints to the police from both sides after the breach. A case was also filed against former Samajwadi Party councilor Usman, his son, a cleric and 150 others.

The police also filed a criminal complaint against 250 people from the other side. A similar dispute occurred in 2012 when the Kanwar Yatra and Muharram procession passed through the same place.

In view of the previous incidents of disturbance, the police do not want to repeat the same 'mistake' and have taken security measures during this Muharram as the procession will be held from the same venue.

Now the entire district is on high alert for 4 days as the fourth week of Sawan and Muharram fall on the same day. Senior police officials say that any police officer who fails to perform his duty properly will be suspended.

As part of the preparations, drone cameras and other CCTV cameras are being installed in the area to keep an eye on the streets.

Senior police officials are also instructed to attend the processions. "We are all prepared for future events. All necessary preparations have been made and we will not tolerate any disturbance,” Superintendent of Police (SP) Rahul Bhati said.


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