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Katihar Firing Incident: CPI(ML) calls Nitish Kumar government's claims false; demands judicial probe"

  • CPI(M) raises doubts about state government's claims on the Katihar firing incident
  • CPI(ML) MLAs Sudama Prasad and Mahanand Prasad reject district administration's denial of police involvement
  • They demand a judicial inquiry, citing concerns over potential alteration of the post-mortem report

29 Jul 2023

The Communist Party of India (Marxist) has raised serious doubts about the claims made by the state government and the district administration regarding the recent Katihar firing incident. CPI(ML) MLAs Sudama Prasad and Mahanand Prasad have openly rejected the district administration's statements, accusing them of denying police involvement in the incident.

According to the CPI(ML), the authorities are presenting a fabricated story, and there are concerns that the post-mortem report might be altered. As a result, they are demanding a thorough judicial inquiry into the matter.

Sudama Prasad and Mahanand Prasad, both MLAs from the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist), have expressed their lack of faith in the local administration's handling of the case. They argue that if the investigation is carried out by those allegedly involved in the incident, the outcome may not be impartial. Therefore, they are urging the state government to take strict action against the local administration and ensure a fair and unbiased inquiry.

The MLAs have pointed out that the video footage of the incident does not provide a clear indication that the bullet was fired by the mob. Instead, they claim that it was the police who resorted to opening fire. This discrepancy in the narrative has further fueled their demands for a comprehensive and independent investigation into the Katihar firing.

The Katihar incident has sparked controversy and unrest, leading to questions about the transparency and accountability of the local administration. With the CPI(M) and CPI(ML) leaders expressing their skepticism and pushing for a judicial inquiry, the state government is under pressure to address the concerns and ensure a fair probe into the matter.

As the situation unfolds, the call for justice and truth surrounding the Katihar firing incident remains a significant issue, and the state government's response and actions will be closely scrutinized by various stakeholders and the public. The demand for an impartial investigation and accountability may play a crucial role in restoring faith in the administration's handling of such sensitive cases.


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