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Internet ban extended to Bihar's districts amid security concerns

  • Internet ban extended to Madhubani and Aurangabad districts as a preventive measure after Darbhanga ban
  • Ban effective till 4 PM in Madhubani and 10 PM in Haspura, Aurangabad
  • Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc., inaccessible during the ban; authorities monitoring the situation for potential extension

30 Jul 2023

In Madhubani, Aurangabad Following the recent internet ban in Darbhanga, authorities have extended the restrictions to Madhubani and Aurangabad districts as a preventive measure. The ban is effective until 4 PM on Sunday in Madhubani and until 10 PM on Sunday in Haspura, Aurangabad. This decision comes in response to concerns over potential social unrest caused by anti-social elements.

The ban encompasses popular social media platforms and messaging applications, including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat, Snapchat, and Telegram. Citizens in the affected districts will be unable to access these websites during the specified period.

The precautionary measure was taken based on recommendations from the District Magistrates (DM) and Superintendents of Police (SP) of Madhubani and Aurangabad. Dr. S. Siddhartha, Additional Principal Secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs, issued the order to implement the internet ban in these regions.

The primary reason behind the ban is to prevent any disruption of social order that could potentially be incited by anti-social elements exploiting online platforms. Such measures aim to safeguard public safety and maintain peace in the regions facing perceived threats.

The authorities are closely monitoring the situation, and the internet ban will be lifted at the specified times, assuming conditions remain stable. However, the ban may be extended if the security situation requires further precautions.

Citizens in Madhubani and Aurangabad need to stay informed through traditional media sources during this period of restricted internet access. Residents are urged to cooperate with the authorities and report any suspicious activities to ensure a peaceful and secure environment for everyone.


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