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Jharkhand assembly passes two bills amid opposition's demand for select committee review

  • Jharkhand University of Health Sciences Bill 2023 and Jharkhand Goods and Services Tax (Amendment) Bill 2023 cleared in the Assembly despite opposition's reservations
  • BJP, Ajsu, and CPI(ML) legislators express concern over university bill granting post of chancellor to Chief Minister instead of Governor
  • Finance Minister justifies immediate passage of GST bill, stating delay would impact state revenue; Congress celebrates Rahul Gandhi's relief from Supreme Court case

04 Aug 2023

The two proposals include the Jharkhand University of Health Sciences Bill 2023 introduced by Health and Welfare Minister Banna Gupta and the Jharkhand Goods and Services Tax (Amendment) Bill 2023 introduced by Finance Minister Rameshwar Oraon.

BJP legislators supported by Ajsu and CPI(ML) opposed the university proposal saying that it gives the post of chancellor to the chief minister instead of the governor, which is like a devaluation of the governor and an attack on the federal system. Amar Bouri termed it as donating the post of chancellor to the chief minister by the health minister.

However, Health Minister Gupta justified the bill by saying that it is the need of the day. On providing the post of chancellor to the CM, Gupta said it was not the first time this had happened in the country. Earlier, he said, three universities had been established in Bihar to provide the Chief Minister as chancellors. Legislator CPL (ML) Binod Singh suggested sending the GST bill to a select committee, but Finance Minister Rameshwar Oraon ignored the same and explained the importance of its immediate passage.

Oraon said that the bill has already been approved by the Center and has just come to the approval of the state and the delay in its approval will adversely affect the revenue of the state. There is a wave of happiness in Congress from the removal of Rahul Gandhi from the Supreme Court. After the decision came on the last day of the monsoon session of the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly, State Congress President Rajesh Thakur arrived at the assembly and said that the truth had prevailed. "Truth may be troubled, but not defeated" This is a victory for Rahul Gandhi who has opened a shop of love in the market of hate.

Anyway, the people of the country chose the Congress in the last few elections and told the BJP that now their hate business will not run,” Thakur said.

Thakur said Rahul Gandhi's intention was not the same as presented by the BJP. He said that Lalit Modi and Nirav Modi are fugitives and thieves. The BJP tried to spread the unrest from Manipur to Haryana and also in Jharkhand but failed,” he added. Party workers distributed Laddoos outside the assembly.


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