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"No word on agenda": Derek O'Brien questions secrecy surrounding Special Parliament Session

  • TMC leader Derek O'Brien criticized the central government for not disclosing the agenda of the upcoming special session of Parliament, scheduled to begin in just two working days
  • O'Brien expressed concern over the secrecy surrounding the agenda, stating that only two members are aware of it
  • The Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha secretariats announced on September 2 that the session would exclude the Question Hour and private members' business

13 Sep 2023

In a sharp critique of the central government, senior TMC leader Derek O'Brien voiced his discontent on Wednesday regarding the upcoming special session of Parliament. Expressing his concerns on the platform formerly known as Twitter, O'Brien criticized the lack of transparency surrounding the session's agenda, which is set to commence in just two working days.

Taking to platform X, the TMC Rajya Sabha party leader remarked that

"TWO working days to go before the #SpecialParliamentSession begins and still not a word on the agenda

Only TWO people know! And we still call ourselves a parliamentary democracy"

The Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha secretariats had earlier announced on September 2 that the session would take place without the inclusion of the Question Hour or private members' business. Additionally, they indicated that there would be a total of five meetings during the session, with members to receive separate notifications regarding the provisional calendar.


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