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Bihar police officers engage in violent fight on public road, video goes viral

  • In Bihar's Nalanda district, two police officers were caught on camera engaging in a physical fight on a public road
  • The officers, belonging to the Dial 112 division, stationed near a railway halt, were recorded exchanging blows and verbal abuse
  • The reason for the altercation remains unknown, prompting an inquiry by the department, with disciplinary action expected to be taken against the involved officers

18 Sep 2023

In a startling incident that has left citizens astounded, two police officers engaged in a physical altercation on a public road in Bihar's Nalanda district. The shocking brawl unfolded in broad daylight, with the very officers responsible for ensuring public safety resorting to violence against each other. The entire incident was captured on camera, and the video of the altercation has gone viral on social media platforms. In the video footage, both officers can be seen physically assaulting each other in the middle of the road.

The altercation erupted between two police officers assigned to the Dial 112 division, who were stationed near a railway halt within the jurisdiction of the Sohsarai Police Station. Although the Dial 112 department operates under the Patna Police, the officers deployed within the division hail from the Nalanda Police force. The viral video of the fight has drawn widespread attention on social media, as onlookers present at the scene recorded the incident.

The exact cause of the confrontation remains unknown, prompting the department to launch an inquiry into the matter. The video footage reveals both officers exchanging verbal abuse, with one officer accusing the other of accepting a bribe in full view of the public and on the road. Tensions escalated as one officer retrieved a stick from a nearby car and proceeded to strike the other officer with it.

Onlookers attempted to intervene and separate the two warring officers but were unable to defuse the situation. The Nalanda Police force swiftly responded to the viral video of the altercation, announcing that an investigation had been initiated into the matter. They stated, "Both police personnel have been recalled to the police center, and the incident is under investigation, with disciplinary action to follow." 


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