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Signs of rift within INDIA Alliance: CPI(M) to stay out of committee featuring Mamata Banerjee's nephew

  • The CPI(M) has decided not to send its representative to the INDIA alliance due to the inclusion of Mamata Banerjee's nephew, Abhishek Banerjee
  • CPI(M)'s stance not to participate in a committee alongside Abhishek Banerjee has highlighted a rift within the alliance's committee 
  • Meanwhile, Kerala CPI(M)'s has also expressed its reluctance to be part of any committee involving the Congress

18 Sep 2023

In a significant development, signs of a rift within the opposition INDIA alliance against the BJP have emerged. The two-day Politbureau meeting of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) or CPI(M) concluded in Kolkata on Sunday, revealing a decision not to send a representative to the INDIA committee. This decision stems from the inclusion of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's nephew, Abhishek Banerjee, in the committee.

It is noteworthy that the 14th place in the 14-member committee was kept vacant by INDIA alliance. CPI(M) representative was to be included in this. It was told by the party that it would announce its candidate later. However, the Politbureau meeting confirmed the party's stance of not participating in a committee alongside Abhishek Banerjee.

Meanwhile, the Kerala CPI(M) has also expressed its reluctance to be part of any committee involving the Congress. This situation underscores a growing division within the INDIA alliance's committee structure, even though the party has reaffirmed its commitment to the alliance, providing clarity on various issues during the Kolkata meeting.


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