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'Samvidhan Sadan': PM Modi gives new identity to old Parliament building

  • PM Modi announces the renaming of the old parliament building as "Samvidhan Sadan" in his final speech from old building
  • The iconic old building, completed in 1927, has served its purpose and is now being replaced by a new parliament building
  • The old structure will not be demolished but retrofitted to provide functional spaces and may include a museum 

19 Sep 2023
'Samvidhan Sadan': PM Modi gives new identity to old Parliament building

In a significant moment, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his final speech from the old parliament building, announced its new name as "Samvidhan Sadan" (Constitution House). This historic decision marks the transition to the new parliament building as the official legislative seat.

"Today, we are taking leave from here and heading to the new parliament building. This is auspicious as today is Ganesh Chaturthi," the PM said, and turned towards the speakers of both houses, and made a request.

Prime Minister Modi emphasized the importance of maintaining the dignity and legacy of the old building, urging that it should not be referred to simply as the 'old parliament.' He proposed that renaming it as "Samvidhan Sadan" would connect it to the memories of the Constituent Assembly and continue to inspire future generations.

The old parliament building, an iconic structure designed by British architects Sir Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker, was completed in 1927, and now is 96 years old.Over the years, it was found to be inadequate for present day requirements.

The government has plans to retrofit the old building to provide functional spaces for parliamentary events and may also consider converting a portion into a museum. It is committed to conserving this historic structure as a valuable archaeological asset for the country's heritage.

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