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Student's fatal fall from school building in Kasba, family seeks HC intervention

  • HC has intervened in the case of a Class 10 student's tragic death after a fall from the roof of Silver Point School in Kasba
  • The family of the deceased has raised concerns about the police's cooperation and the lack of accurate information provided to them
  • Justice Jai Sengupta has ordered the Kolkata Police Commissioner to supervise the investigation and gave directives for re-postmortem examination

19 Sep 2023

The tragic death of a Class 10 student after falling from the roof of Silver Point School in Kasba has raised concerns, prompting the family to seek intervention from the High Court.

The father of the deceased has expressed doubts about the police's role and alleged a lack of cooperation from law enforcement. The family alleged that they were not receiving proper information about the incident from the police.

During a recent court hearing, Justice Jai Sengupta issued a significant directive, ordering the Kolkata Police Commissioner to personally supervise the investigation into the student's untimely demise. The family's legal representative emphasized that the post-mortem report revealed no signs of injury on the body, with only evidence of blood emanating from the ears.

On the day of the incident, the family went to Kasba police station with their lawyer, but they were not allowed to see the CCTV footage. Furthermore, the family's testimonies were reportedly not accepted by the authorities.

In response to these concerns and the demand for a comprehensive investigation and re-postmortem examination, Justice Joy Sengupta took a proactive stance. He directed the Kolkata Police Commissioner to personally oversee the ongoing investigation, aiming to ensure transparency and thoroughness in the quest for answers.


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