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Salt Lake Sector 5 traffic horror: KB16 Bus and Private car collide, 10 injured

  • Collision between a KB16 route bus and a private vehicle occurred at College More in Salt Lake Sector 5
  • KB16 route bus was en route from Godrej Watersite to Karunamoy, while the private car was traveling from Newtown to Nicco Park
  • 10 passengers from the bus, two bikers, and two passengers from the private car sustained injuries 

02 Oct 2023

In a traffic accident that occurred in front of College More in Salt Lake Sector 5, a KB16 route bus and a private vehicle collided around 7:30 am. The incident resulted in injuries to several passengers and bystanders. The KB16 route bus, traveling from Godrej Watersite to Karunamoi, and the private car, heading towards Nicco Park from Newtown, were involved in the collision.

Out of the 30 passengers on board the KB16 route bus, ten sustained injuries and were promptly transported to Vidhan Sabha Sub-division Hospital for medical treatment. Fortunately, the two passengers in the private car escaped with minor injuries, thanks to the deployment of airbags. Additionally, two motorcyclists were also injured in the accident.

The mishap occurred when the private vehicle, moving at speed toward Nicco Park with a green signal, collided with the KB16 route bus, which attempted to proceed toward Karunamoy against the signal. The collision caused the bus to lose control and collide with the divider, leading to the injuries and the subsequent hospitalization of the affected individuals.


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