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Delhi police disrupts TMC's peaceful protest , Abhishek Banerjee forced to leave

  • Abhishek Banerjee, faced disruptions and was unable to complete a press conference at Rajghat in Delhi during the party's 'Mission Delhi' campaign

  • Delhi Police, under the direction of Union Home Minister Amit Shah, allegedly removed Trinamool workers and supporters from Rajghat 

  • Tensions escalated as Abhishek Banerjee engaged in a heated argument with police officers

02 Oct 2023
Delhi police disrupts TMC's peaceful protest , Abhishek Banerjee forced to leave

Abhishek Banerjee could not complete the press conference at Rajghat in Delhi. Even before this, Delhi Police had removed him from there. They chased away TMC workers and supporters who had joined the peaceful protest in Delhi demanding dues from Rajghat. Monday was the first day of TMC 'Mission Delhi'. TMC had already accused the central government of repeatedly obstructing the campaign.

Initially, TMC leaders and workers faced hurdles from the Delhi Police led by  Amit Shah.  Abhishek was starting the press conference in front of Rajghat at around 3.30 pm on Monday afternoon. After the press conference continued for some time, Delhi Police started disrupting it again and again. A crowd of TMC leaders, MPs and MLAs gathered around Abhishek and a policeman could be heard saying, "Enough is enough. This time the talks will have to be stopped. Rajghat complex should be vacated."

Abhishek cross questioned and mentioned "Whatever they are doing, they are doing it peacefully". The Delhi Police officer can be heard saying things in a slightly harsh tone. Abhishek also had a heated argument with him.

Then a TMC MP told the police, “Open the gate. Let the people come. We are not causing inconvenience to anyone." Delhi Police started whistling continuously without listening. It was not possible to talk due to the continuous sound of the whistle. Nevertheless Abhishek continued his press conference. But after this the announcement started on the mic. A top Delhi Police official asked him and the TMC leaders to leave the area.

Abhishek was told that they should cooperate with the police. He left the press conference incomplete and came to his car.  They were forced to leave the area. It was notified that other TMC workers and supporters were almost chased away from Rajghat by the security guards. Many police personnel were seen running with sticks raised.

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Sayak Raha commented:
on 4:59 PM, 3rd October 2023
nice news

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