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Man survives kite mishap on Maa Flyover

  • A young man on a motorcycle narrowly escapes a serious accident on the Maa flyover
  • Despite a fall and multiple injuries, the victim, Arif, survives due to wearing a helmet
  • The Maa flyover in Kolkata has witnessed numerous similar accidents,despite repeated police appeals against kite flying in the area

03 Oct 2023

A major accident took place on Tuesday morning on the Maa flyover of Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal. Here, the neck of a young man passing by on a bike got entangled in the Chinese string of a kite flying from the flyover. He fell on the road and was scattered far away. It was fortunate that the flow of vehicles from front to back was less due to which his life was saved.

The young man was also wearing a helmet, so there was not much injury on his head but rest of the body parts were injured. The victim has been identified as Arif. He is a resident of Picnic Garden. He was going towards SSKM Hospital from Park Circus. He told that while coming down from the flyover, the string of a Chinese cloth got stuck around his neck. 

It is noteworthy that even before this, many people have suffered serious injuries in similar accidents on Maa flyover. The police has appealed several times that kite flying should not be allowed in this area, but people do not follow the instructions.


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