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Is Uorfi Javed engaged? Viral photos leave fans guessing

  • Viral photos of Uorfi Javed performing a mysterious puja ceremony spark engagement rumors
  • Uorfi's younger sister, Urusa Javed, initially shared the photos on Instagram, intensifying speculation
  • The former Bigg Boss OTT contestant remains silent on the engagement rumors, leaving fans and followers eagerly awaiting confirmation

03 Oct 2023

In a recent social media sensation, former Bigg Boss OTT contestant Uorfi Javed has once again caught the public's eye, this time with a mysterious puja ceremony that she was seen participating in. The photos, initially shared by Uorfi's younger sister Urusa Javed on Instagram, have raised questions about whether Uorfi Javed is now engaged.

In the viral images, Uorfi Javed can be seen performing a traditional puja alongside an unidentified man in front of a havan kund, with a pandit presiding over the ritual. The actress was attired in a striking blue traditional outfit, adding to the intrigue. As of now, Uorfi has not officially commented on the photos or confirmed any engagement news. Just a few days earlier, she was in the spotlight for seeking blessings at the Lalbaugcha Raja temple.

Uorfi Javed is renowned for her unconventional fashion choices and outspoken views on various matters, consistently making headlines. Often spotted in Mumbai, she actively engages with paparazzi and is unafraid to address and expose online trolls despite facing criticism and hate on social media platforms.


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