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Rhino spotted in Jalpaiguri's Chalsa tea garden

  • Panic ensues as a rhinoceros is spotted in Chalsa tea garden in the Metelli block of Jalpaiguri
  • The rhinoceros later enters the Indong tea garden, leading to immediate concerns among villagers
  • Forest department's personnel arrive to monitor the situation, believed rhinoceros to have come from Chapramari forest

03 Oct 2023

Jalpaiguri, October 3, (HIST) - An unusual and somewhat alarming sight greeted residents of the Metelli block in Jalpaiguri this morning as a rhinoceros ventured into the tea gardens, sparking a sense of panic in the area. The incident began when villagers noticed the presence of a rhinoceros wandering through the Chalsa tea garden. Subsequently, the rhinoceros made its way into the Indong tea garden, intensifying the unease among local residents.

Concerned about the situation, villagers promptly contacted the forest department to report the presence of the rhinoceros. In response, forest personnel from the Khuniya Squad swiftly arrived at the scene. According to sources within the forest department, the rhinoceros is believed to have originated from the Chapramari forest and initially entered the Metelli tea garden before proceeding to the Indong tea garden. The forest authorities are closely monitoring the situation. Deependra Shresth, the welfare officer of Chalsa tea garden, stated that workers first sighted the rhinoceros within the garden and immediately alerted him. He, in turn, promptly notified the forest department, leading to the arrival of the Khuniya Squad personnel, who are currently keeping a watchful eye on the rhinoceros.


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