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PM Modi flags off India to Sri Lanka Ferry service

  • PM Narendra Modi inaugurates a passenger ferry service from Nagapattinam, India, to Kankesanturai, Sri Lanka
  • PM emphasizes the significance of the ferry service in strengthening diplomatic and economic relations between the two countries
  • The service is expected to enhance connectivity, promote trade, and foster people-to-people ties, building on the historical and cultural connections 

14 Oct 2023

In a significant diplomatic and economic move, Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially launched a passenger ferry service between India's Nagapattinam and Sri Lanka's Kankesanturai on Saturday. PM Modi emphasized that this initiative marks a new chapter in the diplomatic and economic relationship between India and Sri Lanka, underscoring the importance of the ferry service in strengthening the bonds between the two nations. The service is set to enhance connectivity, boost trade, and foster people-to-people ties.

PM Modi invoked the renowned poet Subramania Bharati, referring to his song "Sindhu Nadhiyin Misai," which spoke of a bridge connecting India and Sri Lanka. He noted that the ferry service symbolizes the historical and cultural connections articulated by Bharati.

During the recent visit of Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe, a vision document for economic partnership was jointly adopted, with connectivity as its central theme. This development, alongside the establishment of direct flights and other transport connections between the two countries, signifies a significant step in bolstering the relationship and enhancing trade, tourism, and people-to-people interactions.


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