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"Go and advertise about condoms in the assembly": BJP and RJD MLAs engage in a fight over Nitish Kumar's "ejaculate outside" remark

  • Bihar assembly witnesses intensified confrontations as MLAs engage in heated exchanges over Nitish Kumar's controversial statement
  • Video footage surfaces, capturing an altercation between RJD and BJP MLAs in the state assembly premises
  • Nitish Kumar's public apology fails to quell the backlash, with social media users labelling him vulgar

09 Nov 2023

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar's recent "ejaculate outside" remark sparked outrage in the assembly, the political atmosphere remains charged as MLAs from both the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) continued the contentious exchange in the state assembly's premises on Thursday, November 9. A surfaced video on platform X showcased an altercation between RJD MLA Vijay Mandal and BJP MLA Kundan Kumar regarding the Bihar Reservation Bill. 

Amid the heated exchange, BJP MLA Kumar, in response to RJD MLA Mandal's reference to the Mandal Commission "BPC passed Mandal Commission," Kumar said, "You have no knowledge on Mandal Commission. Go and advertise about condoms in the assembly." Subsequently, RJD MLA Vijay Mandal addressed the press outside the assembly house.

The series of events stems from Bihar CM Nitish Kumar's controversial statement on "population control" during a recent assembly session. Kumar's remarks, emphasizing the role of women in controlling the state's population, triggered a fierce political uproar, leading to the BJP's vehement demand for his resignation. As the BJP intensified its criticism and barred Kumar from attending the legislative session, the Bihar Chief Minister issued a public apology on Wednesday, retracting his contentious words.

Amid the escalating controversy, social media users have also condemned Nitish Kumar's statement, denouncing it as vulgar and inappropriate. The charged political climate in Bihar reflects the widespread repercussions of Kumar's remarks and the ensuing backlash, underscoring the complexities and sensitivities surrounding gender-related discourse and public statements within the political sphere.


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