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Woman gang-raped in Agra home stay, 5 Arrested; shocking videos circulate online

  •  Woman employed at an Agra guest house was allegedly gang-raped, leading to the arrest of five individuals
  • Disturbing videos online capture the survivor's account of the assault, indicating coercion into sex work and subsequent violence
  • Medical examination and legal actions are underway, with charges filed for rape, assault, and other relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code

13 Nov 2023

A horrifying incident unfolded in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, where a woman employed at a guest house was allegedly gang-raped, leading to the arrest of five individuals, including four men. The victim, who had been working at the guest house for approximately 18 months, narrated a harrowing experience in videos circulated online. The distressing footage captures the survivor crying and hyperventilating as she recounts the assault, pointing out torn and stained clothes and naming her alleged assailants.

The police revealed that the survivor had been coerced into engaging in sex work for additional income, and on the night of the incident, she was reportedly forced into non-consensual sex acts. Following the assault, when she attempted to leave, the guest house owners allegedly subjected her to violence, including beating her and hitting her with a beer bottle. The survivor, in videos, accused the perpetrators of blackmailing her with objectionable footage.

A medical examination is currently underway, and legal actions, including charges under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code for rape and assault, are being pursued. The incident has caused public outrage, and the police are intensifying efforts to apprehend the remaining three suspects currently on the run.


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