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From Poonam Pandey to Rekha Boj; streaking pledges stir controversy around Cricket World Cups

  • Telugu actor Rekha Boj sparks controversy, promising to streak on Visakhapatnam beach if India wins the World Cup
  • Social media users criticize the statement, labeling it as insensitive and a mere publicity stunt
  • Social media users compare this to a similar incident in 2011 involving Poonam Pandey

19 Nov 2023

Telugu actor Rekha Boj has sparked controversy on social media with her unusual declaration that she would streak on Visakhapatnam beach if India wins the ongoing 2023 Cricket World Cup. The statement, made on X (formerly Twitter), has garnered criticism for being deemed insensitive and inappropriate amid the fervor of the World Cup. 

The actress took to X  to make her unconventional pledge, stating, “If India wins the World Cup, I will streak on Visakhapatnam beach.”

As India prepares to face Australia in the World Cup final on November 19, Rekha Boj's bold promise has become a topic of heated discussion. While expressing her celebratory intentions, the actress faced backlash on social media, with many condemning her announcement as a mere publicity stunt.

The unconventional pledge drew parallels with a similar incident in 2011 involving model Poonam Pandey, where a Twitter user highlighted the perceived trend of using such promises for self-promotion.


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