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Man arrested in Varanasi for exhuming 5-year-old girl's body; Police suspect sexual assault

  • Man arrested in Varanasi for trespassing on a graveyard and exhuming the body of a deceased five-year-old girl
  • The girl's father discovered the missing body when he went to check on the grave, prompting a police complaint
  • Mohammad Rafeeq, found intoxicated and sleeping next to the body, is booked under IPC section 297

20 Nov 2023

In a shocking turn of events, Varanasi police apprehend a man caught sleeping next to the exhumed body of a five-year-old girl in a local graveyard.

The girl's father, a resident of Dashashwamedh area in the city, in his police complaint said his daughter died of an ailment last week after which he buried her in a graveyard at Rewari Talab. A few days later, he became suspicious when he went to her grave and  decided to have the grave dug up but found the body to be missing. 

The girl's father, alarmed by the disappearance of the body from her grave, filed a police complaint. 

The accused, identified as Mohammad Rafeeq, 30, was found in an inebriated state next to the exhumed body, leading to his arrest under section 297 (trespassing on burial places) of the IPC. Authorities are now exploring potential sexual assault on the girl's body, raising concerns about the need for DNA profiling tests on the accused.


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