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Elderly couple dies under suspicious circumstances in Anandpur

  • Elderly couple's mysterious death in Kolkata raises concerns
  • Husband, Amulya Samaddar, allegedly commits suicide after killing his paralyzed wife, Geeta
  • The old man reportedly jumped from the fourth floor of the house on Monday night

21 Nov 2023

In a perplexing incident in Kolkata, the death of an elderly couple has raised questions, with the husband allegedly committing suicide after killing his wife. The incident unfolded in their residence in the Anandpur area, prompting an investigation by the Anandpur police station.

The sequence of events points to a tragic turn of events. Amulya Samaddar, a 75-year-old man, reportedly jumped from the fourth floor of the house on Monday night. The commotion attracted locals, who rushed to the scene. Upon entering the elderly couple's flat, they discovered the lifeless body of Amulya's wife, Geeta Samaddar.

Geeta, 63, showed signs of injury on her body. The police were notified, and upon arrival, they initiated an inquiry into the matter. According to police sources, 63-year-old Geeta was paralyzed for the last ten years while Amulya was suffering from heart disease for a long time. He was to be admitted to the hospital on Tuesday.


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