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Subhendu Adhikari slams BGBS, calls it a facade and says "no trade actually takes place, it's not global"

  • Subhendu Adhikari criticizes the BGBS at its onset, accusing it of being more about rhetoric than actual global trade
  • Adhikari questioned the implementation of past investment proposals, demanding transparency on job creation 
  • Kunal Ghosh counters Adhikari, highlighting Bengal's remarkable economic growth, with tripled GDP

21 Nov 2023

The Bishwa Banga Business Conference (BGBS) is starting again from today. And right before that, opposition leader Subhendu Adhikari hit the state government with investment. He said, 'To destroy people's money, the seventh phase of the World Bengal Trade Conference is about to begin.'

Suvendu Adhikari wrote on his X handle post, 'To destroy people's money, the seventh phase of BGBS is about to begin. At the World Trade Conference, trade does not actually exist and is far from global. The people of Bengal will be served only blind lies.' In the last 6 episodes of the World Bengal Trade Conference, the proposed investment of 15 lakh 7 thousand crore rupees was being talked about, how much has been implemented, will the Chief Minister tell the people of Bengal? Please don't publish a list of where it happened, how many people got jobs.'

Trinamool State General Secretary Kunal Ghosh counters Adhikari's claims, highlighting the substantial growth in Bengal's GDP, which has tripled from 4 lakh 74 thousand crore in 2011 to 14 lakh 44 thousand crore in 2020-21. Ghosh points out that Bengal's Gross Value Added (GVA) is over 75 percent from industry and manufacturing, making it a significant player in the country's economic landscape.

The state government asserts that the World Bengal Trade Conference has attracted substantial investment proposals, with an impressive figure of 3,42,375 crore received at the last year's event.


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