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Yogi Government conducts statewide raids to enforce stringent ban on 'Halal' products

  • FSDA conducts raids in Lucknow and other cities to enforce the UP government's ban on 'Halal-certified' food products
  • No retailers found violating the law during the inspections, but warnings issued to promptly remove banned items
  • There's a possibility of extending the ban to include medicines, medical equipment, cosmetics, and more

21 Nov 2023

In response to the Uttar Pradesh government's ban on 'Halal-certified' food products, the Food Safety and Drugs Authority (FSDA) initiated raids across Lucknow and other cities on Monday and Tuesday to enforce compliance with the order. The inspections, conducted in malls, grocery stores, and wholesale markets, aimed to verify adherence to the prohibition.

Despite extensive raids, no retailers were found violating the new law. However, FSDA officials have issued warnings to traders, urging the prompt removal of banned products, with expectations of intensified raids in the coming weeks. Residents are encouraged to assist by providing information on stores selling prohibited items.

As part of the crackdown, FSDA teams inspected various locations in Lucknow, including Sahara Mall, Reliance store in Vikas Nagar, Best Price, Spencer store in Fun Mall, Patanjali stores in Vikas Nagar, and Apna Mega Mart in Gomti Nagar. Raids were also led by the chief food information officer of Gorakhpur at City Mall and AD Mall, yet no Halal-certified items were discovered.

Officials from the Food Department conducted a raid at KFC in Moradabad on Tuesday. The Food Department at the KFC located in Peel Kothi checked whether Halal-certified products were still being utilised in the popular food outlet.

The government's prohibition covers a range of food products, including dairy items, sugar, bakery products, peppermint oil, namkeen snacks, and food oil. The move aligns with the 2006 Food Safety and Standards Act, necessitating scrutiny by FSSAI and ISI. Violators will face penalties under the Food Safety and Standards Act and there's a potential extension of the ban to include medicines, medical equipment, cosmetics, and other Halal-certified products. 


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