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Uproar in Bengal Assembly over Giriraj Singh's "thumka" statement against Mamata Banerjee

  • Giriraj Singh's comments on Mamata Banerjee sparked outrage in the West Bengal Assembly, with demands for an apology and accusations of misogyny
  • Session saw slogans and uproar from both BJP and Trinamool MLAs, leading the Speaker to stress the importance of maintaining a peaceful environment
  •  Shashi Panja condemned the remarks and called for Giriraj Singh to issue an apology, highlighting the need for respectful discourse in politics

07 Dec 2023
Uproar in Bengal Assembly over Giriraj Singh's

The West Bengal Assembly witnessed a heated session on Thursday as State Women and Child Development Minister Shashi Panja demanded an apology from Union Minister of State for Rural Development Giriraj Singh targeting Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee over controversial remarks which has gone viral and said "Jashn mana rahi hai, thumke laga rahi hai, yeh uchit nahi hai" 

she said that the comments he made were derogatory. It is condemnable. Such comments have been made on the woman Chief Minister. she is a three-time Chief Minister.  She was MP and Union Minister many times. This comment is misogynistic.

Panja condemned the comments as derogatory and deemed them unacceptable, emphasizing Mamata Banerjee's extensive political career.The Assembly echoed with slogans from both BJP and Trinamool MLAs, prompting Speaker Biman Banerjee to call for a peaceful environment and urging opposition members to engage more constructively during proceedings.

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