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The importance of monitoring thyroid function for both men and women

  • Metabolism and Weight: Thyroid hormones regulate metabolism, impacting weight and energy levels
  • Cardiovascular Health: Thyroid hormones influence heart rate and blood pressure, affecting cardiovascular health
  • Reproductive and Bone Health: Hormonal imbalances can lead to fertility issues and irregular menstrual cycles, and impact bone health

15 Dec 2023
 The importance of monitoring thyroid function for both men and women

A thyroid profile test emerges as a critical health assessment, offering insights into the functionality of the thyroid gland—a small, butterfly-shaped organ nestled in the neck region. This diagnostic test measures hormone levels, including TSH, T3, and T4, pivotal for regulating essential bodily processes.

Men and women alike benefit from monitoring their thyroid health, as the gland's hormones influence metabolism, heart rate, brain function, reproductive health, mood, and more. The thyroid's impact on various bodily functions is profound.

Metabolism, heart rate, brain function, reproductive health, bone health, and muscle function are intricately connected to thyroid hormone levels. Imbalances, whether hyperactive or hypoactive, can lead to weight fluctuations, irregular heartbeats, cognitive issues, fertility challenges, and more.

Routine thyroid function tests become imperative for individuals experiencing symptoms like rapid heart palpitations, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, decreased sexual drive, irregular menstrual periods, and fertility issues. The test is also recommended for those with diagnosed thyroid disorders, a family history of autoimmune diseases, or post-surgery situations.

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