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Fire breaks out in Chinar Park restaurant

  • A blaze, originating from a short circuit, broke out in a Chinar Park restaurant at around 11:30 am 
  • Local residents promptly informed the fire brigade, leading to the quick deployment of fire brigade vehicles to the scene
  • The fire, which had spread to a nearby shop, was successfully brought under control, preventing further damage

26 Dec 2023

On Tuesday morning a fire erupted in a restaurant situated in Chinar Park under the Baguiati police station. The incident, believed to be caused by a short circuit, unfolded today at approximately 11:30 am, posing a potential threat to nearby establishments.

Local residents quickly alerted the fire brigade upon discovering the flames, prompting the immediate dispatch of fire brigade vehicles to the scene. The fire also extended to a nearby shop, was efficiently brought under control by the timely arrival of the fire engine.


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