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Ayodhya: Now you can visit Ramlala till 10 pm

  • Temple administration extends darshan hours for devotees to facilitate Ramlala's blessings until 10 pm
  • Morning shifts from 7 am to 11.30 am have also been organized
  • A robust security arrangement has been implemented, with 8,000 police personnel deployed to ensure the safety of Ram devotees

24 Jan 2024

A surge of devotees has flocked to Ayodhya's newly constructed Ram temple, eager to catch a glimpse of Ramlala, prompting the temple administration to extend darshan hours. In response to the overwhelming crowd, devotees can now have darshan of Ramlala until 10 pm, with morning shifts scheduled from 7 am to 11.30 am. Notably, the temple will remain open until 11 pm today, deviating from the usual closing time of 8 pm, ensuring all devotees get the opportunity for darshan.

DGP himself is present inside. There is a similar arrangement inside also. Entry is being made from the lion gate and devotees are exiting from the other side after having darshan. UP Principal Secretary Home Sanjay Prasad is also present for crowd management.


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