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Calcutta Chalo protestors calls for salary increase and recognition for mid-day meal scheme

  • Calcutta Chalo protest rallies for a 7-point charter, including salary increase for bonded workers and mid-day meal scheme recognition
  • Management employee organizations seek attention to issues crucial for enhancing government education in the state
  • Lack of positive response leads to a protest in Dharmatalla, causing traffic disruptions in the area

29 Jan 2024

A mass demonstration named "Calcutta Chalo" unfolded as six management employee organizations in the state rallied for a 7-point charter of demands, including a salary hike for bonded workers and official acknowledgment of the mid-day meal scheme.

The organizations are set to present a memorandum to the Chief Minister, emphasizing issues such as enhanced wages for kitchen staff and the allocation of daily students to bolster government education. The procession, mainly comprising women, commenced from Howrah and Sealdah, culminating at Dharmatala Y Channel.

Despite joint appeals to the Union Education Minister, state Education Minister, and the Chief Minister, no positive response has been received. Frustrated by the lack of acknowledgment, Bandhan workers gathered in Dharmatalla on Monday, leading to a protest that disrupted the traffic system in Dharmatalla during the afternoon.


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